The African Union Mission to the USA is situated in Washington, D.C. The mission is one of seven AU representational missions in the world. The other missions are:

  • New York – United Nations
  • Geneva – United Nations
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Beijing, China

The AU Mission to the US has a number of key mandates, prominent among them to mobilize and galvanize the African diaspora in the Americas so that they participate in the development of Africa. The mission also works to promote Africa in the Americas; build, sustain, and nurture bilateral relations between the United States and the African Union; educate and inform Americans about important African issues; and promote Africans in the Americas.

The AU Mission has a number of flagship programs and initiatives aimed at enhancing and achieving its mandate in the US and the Americas. These include:

  • Wakanda One Villages – a project that will build a world–class development model in African hubs
  • African Diaspora, anyone of African descent living outside the African continent
  • Savings and Investment Account for the
  • Pan African Diaspora Women’s Association (PADWA)
  • Pan African Diaspora Men’s Association (PADMA)
  • Pan African Diaspora Youth Association (PADYA)
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